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New Worldis back. After a long year of content updates and quality of life changes, the game is receiving its first major content expansion in the form of Brimstone Sands - releasing sometime soon, either in late September or early October.

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This is a complete guide and walkthrough to New World. We've recently updated a bunch of these guides to be applicable in 2022 (a lot has changed), and we're still working on bringing you the latest guides for everything you need as a returning player.

New World FAQs

Here's everything you need to know ahead of jumping into New World for the first time, or as a returning player.

Is Worth Buying New World In 2022?

We've stayed in the know with New World over the past year, and a lot has changed. The game has been packed full of QoL changes - the new seriously reduced fast travel costs and storage improvements are so much better than they used to - and new content in the form of expeditions. The endgame gear grind has been vastly improved by the Gypsum and Expertise sytems, too. It's the best time yet to revisit the game.

Do You Need A Subscription To Play New World?

No, you don't need a subscription to play New World. You just need to make a single one-time purchase to own the game and play it.

Is New World On Xbox or PlayStation?

New World is currently not available on Xbox or PlayStation.

Is New World a survival game?

Technically no, although the game boasts an extremely robust crafting system that does share similarities with large, open-world survival games. New World is an MMORPG with a focus on PvP. You don't need to eat, sleep, or drink to survive.

Is New World an open-world game?

Yes. The world of Aeternum, the setting for New World, is huge. It's currently only explorable on foot or via fast traveling.

Are there classes in New World?

New World has no classes. It has a classless leveling system where weapon mastery and attributes are earned by using a weapon, such as the Fire Staff or Hatchet. You can still build your own classes (like a Healer, or a PvP build) but these are not restricted. You can spec and re-spec by using some of the in-game currency.

Does New World have mounts?

No, there are currently no Mounts in New World. The developers have addressed this issue and have claimed that Mounts are not likely to arrive in the game anytime soon, but they are looking into player's concerns that traveling around the map takes too long.

Are there microtransactions in New World?

Yes, there are microtransactions in New World, although the store is completely cosmetic. At least, for now. There were rumors that there would be paid boosts to the game, but the developers have addressed these problems by saying that the microtransactions will only be cosmetic. Only time will tell how true this is.

Recent New World News

New World's Brimstone Sands update is just around the corner.