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Today’s Wordle Answer (October 2nd, 2022): Puzzle 470 Hints, Clues, and Solution

My cat could bat a ball of this around for hours

No one can tell you exactly how long it will take you to guess today’s Wordle answer for October 2nd, 2022, only that it won’t be easy.

While the specific letters featured in Puzzle 470 aren’t hugely difficult on their own, it’s a bit of a niche or archaic word that doesn’t come up in everyday conversation very often - unless you work in construction or are really into arts and crafts, perhaps.

There is one tough letter though, which has only come up once over the last 30 days, so it’s not completely straightforward even if you’ve got a good vocabulary.

The first and last letters should be quite manageable however; they have come up five and six times in the same positions over the last month..

To help you make your own deductions, we’ve come up with some Wordle hints for October 2nd, 2022, to aid your guessing. While we’ve also updated our running list of recent solutions to give you some inspiration if you’re stuck.

Clues and hints for Today's Wordle Answer

Despite being billed as a relaxing game, the target word still takes some figuring out in Wordle - it doesn’t come tied up in a neat little package. And with just six guesses to narrow down the thousands of possibilities, it’s easy to lose the thread of the puzzle.

To help you get back on track, here are some Wordle hints to get things started.

Your clues for Puzzle 470 are:

  • The answer contains two vowels in the third and fifth position
  • The first four letters spell out the name for two children who were born at the same time
  • The last four letters spell out the name of an alcoholic drink that can be red or white

Previous Wordle Answers

Take a look at this list of recent solutions from over the last month if you’re struggling to come up with a decent guess. Even though there have been hundreds of Wordles already, there are still thousands more possible words to run through before the same one would come around again. Despite this, you can still glean a lot of good ideas from what’s come before, so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

  • #440 - Charm - September 2
  • #441 - Gully - September 3
  • #442 - Inter - September 4
  • #443 - Whoop - September 5
  • #444 - Taunt - September 6
  • #445 - Leery - September 7
  • #446 - Class - September 8
  • #447 - Theme - September 9
  • #448 - Lofty - September 10
  • #449 - Tibia - September 11
  • #450 - Booze - September 12
  • #451 - Alpha - September 13
  • #452 - Thyme - September 14
  • #453 - Doubt - September 15
  • #454 - Parer - September 16
  • #455 - Chute - September 17
  • #456 - Stick - September 18
  • #457 - Trice - September 19
  • #458 - Alike - September 20
  • #459 - Recap - September 21
  • #460 - Saint - September 22
  • #461 - Glory - September 23
  • #462 - Grate - September 24
  • #463 - Admit - September 25
  • #464 - Brisk - September 26
  • #465 - Soggy - September 27
  • #466 - Usurp - September 28
  • #467 - Scald - September 29
  • #468 - Scorn - September 30
  • #469 - Leave - October 1

Today’s Wordle Answer October 2nd

The Wordle answer today is twine.

Twine is a strong thread made up of multiple strands twisted together to stop them from unravelling. It’s this sense of twisting strands together that the word originated, coming from the Old English root “twi-” meaning two.

The Old English version of twine was more like “twin”, which meant “double thread”.

Before that, the word likely had a Germanic origin - most probably coming from the Old Norse word “tvinna”, which referred to doubling something up..

For your next challenge, take a look at these seven Wordle alternatives!

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